Safe Harbor

Dear Mom who’s being tossed and turned in the storms of life,

Do you feel . . .

Like you’re drowning?

Does your heart need tending, but you don’t know where to begin to find a tender?

I’ve been there.

Where people don’t feel safe. Where women don’t feel safe. Where judgment and comparison hijack every thought, feeling, and conversation.

Searching for help and healing. A shared story. A shared storm.


And I found a safe harbor.

With moms whose hearts have been and continue to be in the same storm I’m in.

The harbor?

It’s warm.




It’s a place where moms have come together to encourage, equip, and embrace each other for the glory of God.

And we’d like to invite you to join us. To share in our journey of motherhood together with arms locked and eyes fixed on our God who calms all storms.

Raising Generations Today ~ EMBRACE: A conference for moms, by moms, who are spirit-led with hearts bursting to help you through your storms. To give you safe harbor. To give you rest. So you can continue on — renewed, refreshed, and ready to embrace your glorious God-given role of motherhood.

I attended the Raising Generations Today conference last year, and I was so moved by the women there, so real and so humble. It’s a gathering so powerful that I must encourage you to go.

Motherhood is valued, embraced, and redeemed here. Hugs abound. Heart-filling encouragement, worship, and Kingdom work overflow.

I promise you will be blessed.

Your heart tended to.

Will you considering joining us?

You can find out more about this life-changing weekend HERE.

Our hearts are for moms and the storms that we face, because we are all in this boat together, searching for calmer seas.