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October 22-24

3pm Thursday - 3pm Saturday


Rochester, NY

Radisson Hotel Riverside

Raising Generations Today is an annual conference designed to equip and inspire moms to reach the hearts of their children for the glory of God. Through providing valuable resources, inspirational speakers, practical teaching materials, and the connection of moms in every season of parenting, Raising Generations Today will offer hope to women so that they may embrace and thrive in their roles as moms.

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Thursday, October 22nd

3-5:30pm Registration
6-6:30pm Kickoff
6:30-7pm Worship
7-8pm Key Note: Lisa Jo Baker
8:30-9:30pm Ellie Holcomb Concert
9:30pm Ice Cream Social

Friday, October 23rd

6:30-7:30amMorning Workout
7:30-9:15am Continental Breakfast
9-10am Workshop 1
10:15-11:15am Workshop 2
11:30-2:15pm Lunch/Free Time
2-3pm Coffee Bar
2:45-3:45pm Workshop or RT
4-4:45pm Round Table
5-6pm Dinner
6-6:30pmMom Panel
7:30-8:30pmKey Note: Holley & Lovelle
9-10pm Lounge Time

Saturday, October 24th

6:30-7:30amMorning Workout
7:30-9am Breakfast Buffet
9-9:30am Mom Panel
9:30-10:30am Key Note: Kate Batistelli
10:30-10:40am Worship
10:40-11am Check out of rooms
11-12pm Workshop/RT
1-2pm Lunch
2-2:15Sponsor Concert
2:15-3:15pm Key Note: Lisa Jo Baker
3:15-3:45pm Ballet
3:45-3:50pm Worship
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Gospel Music Association's New Artist of the Year

Thursday, October 22nd Concert


Ticket price does not include your hotel room.
Please call the Radisson Directly to book your room as soon as you snag your Conference Ticket. We would encourage you to stay Thursday through Saturday to maximize your Conference pass and experience the whole Conference weekend. Many surprises to be announced on Thursday evening… You will NOT want to miss it!

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Kelly Gerken

Kelly has experienced the loss of twin daughters Faith and Grace, who were born still at 26 weeks, and the loss of an infant son Thomas, who died shortly after birth from Potter’s Syndrome. From her family’s journey of grief and healing, Kelly founded Sufficient Grace Ministries for Women, a 501 (c ) 3 non-profit, in 2004 to encourage women and to provide comfort for families experiencing the loss of a baby through miscarriage, stillbirth, infant death, or the death of a young child. Kelly and her husband Tim also have two sons who fill their days with golf, baseball, and lots of laughs. Her book, Sufficient Grace, was released in November of 2014 by Comfort Publishing.

Judi Bedzyk

Judi is a 52 year old mother of twins who has been married to her best friend for 31 years. Her sons, Matt and Mitch, work full time, are online students at Midwestern Bible Theological Seminary, and are both married to amazing, godly women.  She is a member of Elmira Christian Center and is involved in several ministries there. Through the death of her parents and oldest sister, through a failed adoption, and through the raising of her children, God has been her peace, her comfort, and her strength. She is thankful for God’s faithfulness to her and how he continues to use her as she is now in another “stage” of life.

Sarah Harnisch

Sarah Harnisch is a mom of five who anchors news by dawn and homeschools by… well, the rest of the day. Sort of like those secret CIA spies, Sarah slips out of her house at 3:30 a.m. under her double persona. She returns home after breakfast and swaps out her Morning Show secret suit for sweatpants and food fights with her kids. She speaks all over the nation on her relationship with Christ, raising a child with special needs, essential oils, and the GAPS diet—which she used to cure 24 years of debilitating migraines.

Sarah and her husband John have five children: from teenagers down to elementary school age: Alligator (the graphic artist), Bear (the Boy Scout woodsman/tinkerer/scientist), Bug (the only girl—and a budding author), Pooh (the wannabe pilot) and Fuzz (who climbs everything. Always).

One of Sarah’s life verses, great for weary mommas, is Galatians 6:9: “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time, we will reap the harvest—if we do not give up.”

Sue Hy

Sue has been married to Phil Hy for 27 years. They have 4 children. Joe is 24 and has moved out of the house, then moved back in, and is now moving back out. Bethany is 21 and has married (Ben McCarthy), moved out, and given them a delightful grandaughter. Jacob is 17 and can’t wait to move out. Jim is 15, and they don’t listen to him if he talks about moving out.

Sue, heading full speed toward the “Empty Nest”, has not found the process welcome or easy, but has found God faithful and good during it. He has ordained it, and has prepared her, equipped her, and guides and comforts her in it by His word and presence.


10 Things to Do Differently Before You Lose Your Temper

Lisa Jo Baker

Sometimes you don’t realize you have a temper until you have kids. There’s no rage like the exhausted rage of motherhood. These are the things they don’t talk about in the parenting books, or play groups, or coffee dates. How you will one day lose your ever-loving mind because two boys walked across every surface in your house wearing mud-covered boots. These are the ragged fringes of motherhood that don’t make for pretty pictures. Let’s talk about that thing that no one talks about in motherhood – let’s talk about anger, what the Bible says about it, what other mothers have to say, and what we can do about it.

When God Calls a Mother, He Calls Her Children With Her

Lisa Jo Baker

In this session, Lisa-Jo will bring a special commissioning to mothers. Because we want to see moms commissioned to live in the truth that following God’s unique call on their lives, is essentially modeling for their kids what it looks like to obey Jesus when He calls us to, “Follow me!”. Because where a mother goes, there her kids will follow. We are their first experience of what it looks like to follow Jesus and there is nothing ordinary about that calling.

When to Embrace, When to Let It Go

Kate Battistelli

Seasons come where it’s easy to embrace everything God is doing in your life. But at other times, God may require you to release something you thought was good and right to embrace, a dream or desire you’ve been clinging to. I’m excited to share my story of motherhood, infertility, failed adoption and the incredible journey of raising an only child plus, the hard but valuable lessons I learned as I embraced a future I didn’t want and never, ever could have imagined! Because sometimes, we just need to LET IT GO!!
As we grow in our knowledge of God and walk with Him through the years, we come to find that nothing on this earth will satisfy our deepest longings more than knowing Him. Whatever you’re dealing with right now, know His love for you is deeper than you can ever imagine and He will give you the strength to embrace all He has in store!

Moms in the Word: Raising a Generation Who Knows God and Loves Him Deeply through the Study of His Word

Denise J. Hughes

Every season of motherhood presents its own unique challenges. And it’s easy to think we’ll have more time to be in God’s Word when our kids get “just a little older.” Then before we know it, time has flown and our kids are grown. This session is devoted to giving moms grace for when our “quiet time” doesn’t go exactly as planned, and it offers some real-life practical solutions for how to be in the Word—and invite our children into God’s Word—in every stage of motherhood. Because our ultimate goal is to raise a generation who knows God and loves Him deeply through the study of His Word.

Hope for Every Family Story

Holley Gerth and Lovelle Gerth Myers

Happy, Healthy Mom: Finding Your Health “Sweet Spot”

Clare Smith

Are you frustrated with your efforts in your health? Not sure where to start, which food and exercise plan to follow, and how to balance that in light of all your other priorities? Good news–there is hope and this workshop will help you find your “sweet spot” with your health!

Girls Who Change The World

Laura Rizkalla

You’ve changed a diaper.
Changed over the laundry.
Changed the curtains in the dining room.
Ever wondered if you could change the world?

Well, there’s this girl. She’s about to change the world without ever leaving her hometown.
We think that girl is you!

Blessed Is She : Believing God When It’s Hard

Lisha Epperson

a 14 year journey though infertility and adoption taught Lisha the hard truths about faith

Raising Heroes: Praying BOLD Prayers with a BRAVE heart

Lee Nienhuis

A call is resounding in the heart of Christ following mothers. We must be BRAVE in a world becoming increasingly evil because mediocre faith will not stand in us or our kids. Join Lee Nienhuis for a time of rich study as she explores the power of fear and the courage to step forward in faith in our parenting. Raising Heroes will help mothers: Identify the qualities present in true greatness, Reject “Mommy fears” and replace them with immovable truth, Learn strategies to pray for and train their children more effectively, Challenge their children to be dynamic Christ- followers in an increasingly secular society.

Thriving In Transition: Letting Go of Adult Children

Kim Hyland and Daughter, Emily Dean

The stage of transition can be one of the most overwhelming, painful, and confusing stages of childbirth. But in the end, it results in the life changing gift of a baby! Likewise, the transition from mothering a child through their teen years and letting go as they emerge into adulthood is also very difficult and life changing. Mother and daughter, Kim Hyland and Emily Dean are smack in the middle of this wild season, and they’re committed to loving and learning together as they navigate its challenges and discover its many opportunities for growth and grace. You will hear from both of their perspectives and find hope for thriving in transition!

Single but Not Alone

Tracy Howard

Even though we are single moms, God did not intend for us to walk this road alone. As we embrace who God is and our identity in Him, we will see that he intended to travel this journey with us and to strengthen our relationship with Him in the process.

Embracing the Marathon of Motherhood:

Stacey Thacker

“For years I bought into the idea that mothering would get easier as my children got older. Today, sixteen years into the journey I’m not looking for easy, I’m looking for perseverance. Join me as we take a look at what God has already provided for us to run the marathon of motherhood well with hope.”

Embracing Life’s Interruptions

Robin Quackenbush

From a basketball in the toilet to heart-wrenching losses, life is full of unexpected interruptions. But are they truly interruptions? Come laugh and learn from someone who’s lived it and isn’t done yet, as we embrace the astonishing, unpredictable journey God has planned for us. Life is a wild ride, don’t miss it!

Mentoring and Discipleship as a Lifestyle

Katie Bernier

When it comes to discipleship we often focus on what we lack – time, resources, experience, etc. But what if lifestyle discipleship was less about what we lack, and more about how we walk with what we have? If you are a mom – or not, have a seminary degree – or not, are married – or not, older – or not, the Lord asks that you share what you DO have. And sister, you have life!
Come learn how to share your life with another. Discipleship begins here. Discipleship is doable!

The Worth of Work

Crystal Stine

In this session, Crystal Stine will offer a special encouragement to working moms and celebrate the worth of the work we’re called to do. Together we’ll declare that there is no such thing as a perfect balance or “doing it all,” but there is grace for those days when we question our calling. Let’s lean into the legacy of work we’re leaving our little ones and celebrate the unique opportunities we have to impact not only our children’s lives, but the lives of our co-workers, for the Kingdom of God.

Ellie Holcomb

Whether she was spinning confessional tales of romantic heartache during her college years, collaborating with her husband Drew as part of his band, Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors or penning her personal reflections of God’s faithfulness as a solo artist, singer/songwriter Ellie Holcomb has always viewed music as the ultimate bridge-builder.

Inspired by God’s Word, Ellie recorded and released two EPs full of songs based on the Psalms and other scriptures, Magnolia EP and With You Now. Even with zero dollars spent on promotion, the response to these two EPs was remarkable in a way Ellie never saw coming. To wit, they both hit #1 on the iTunes Christian/Gospel charts.

After releasing both EPs Ellie says that she “cried joy tears for about a week just dreaming about how God would encourage people through His word in the songs.”

Now with Holcomb’s first solo effort, As Sure As the Sun (Full Heart Music), Scripture is, once again, intentionally at the forefront of all 10 tracks. Written before—and while—Ellie was pregnant with her daughter, Ellie says her hope is to refresh and encourage weary and wounded hearts.

Whether it’s the beautiful reminder of how God’s mercies are new every morning in the title track, the emphasis on being truly known, warts and all, and truly loved by God nonetheless in “Marvelous Light” or the enduring promise of how God turns our weeping into dancing in the aptly titled “The Broken Beautiful,” Ellie’s clear vision for uplifting the weary and wounded who need a reminder of who God is—and how He loves them—has already been connecting on a deep level.