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Raising Generations Today is designed to equip and inspire moms to reach the hearts of their children for the glory of God. Through providing valuable resources, inspirational writers and speakers, practical teaching materials, and the connection of moms in every season of parenting, Raising Generations Today will offer hope to women so that they may embrace and thrive in their roles as moms.

Mom Meet-Ups

Every season of motherhood has its own set of joys and struggles, but the most common thread that seams mothers together is our desire to “do motherhood well.” We want the best for our children, our families and for our personal lives, but sometimes, loneliness, confusion and frustration get in the way.

We believe that women should have someone in every season of motherhood that she can turn to and look for a helping hand or a listening ear. But more importantly, RGT hopes to inspire women to speak life and encouragement into another mom in a different season of motherhood than herself.  We want to create a community for mothers today, where the Word of God is the central focus and every season of motherhood is valued and discussed.

RGT Mom Meet Ups

The Conference

Thrive promises to be a culmination and celebration of every season of Motherhood. From the promise of a dream, to raising generations, to the empty nest and beyond, we plan to Thrive together! Join us in the fall of 2017, for a two day Conference, filled with encouraging speakers, tailored workshops, delicious desserts and an atmosphere of celebration and expectation.

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Fall 2017

This is our year of celebrating YOU! Come prepared with your confetti poppers and an extra bag for your take home goodies. And if you are not feeling the motherhood thing this year, then we invite you to come any way. We want to love on you, celebrate with you and for you. Thrive 2017 is the year you do not want to miss! Seats will be limited and we want to Thrive WITH you!



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