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We just love surprises! Motherhood can sometimes feel like a robotic motion of schedules and routine, but our weekend together in March is all about rest and renewal.

We are excited to introduce a friend of Raising Generations Today, who will bring our hearts and minds together in light-hearted laughter and worship.

Raising Generations Today is thankful for the partnership of Shaun Groves with Compassion International for a weekend of focus on rest, renewal and sharing Hope.



Shaun Groves is a communicator who’s known by a lot of titles: Singer/songwriter. Speaker. Blogger. Husband. Daddy. Friend. He feels and thinks deeply and laughs easily. And he’s helping Christians discover what they were saved for, and being a voice for children around the world, desperate to be saved from poverty.





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We are so thankful to have Shaun join us and share his gift of music and love for the Lord at Raising Generations Today.

Join us in welcoming Shaun and Compassion International.