Raising Generations Today is so thankful to the Sponsor’s who share their name and their products with us, so that we may, in turn, share them with you!

We hope you will find delight in the products we endorse here.

Fill your school mornings or evening’s with fun and worshipful music from Seeds Family Worship.  Listen their CD’s in your car, in the kitchen or while they your children are playing!  It is amazing to see how quickly the new character qualities and verses are picked up by our children when put to music.

Seeds Family Worship loves to offer excellent resources for your home and church family. Their most popular albums, The Word of God and Seeds of Courage, are now available. Use these at home, running errands in the car, or in corporate children’s worship. //www.seedsfamilyworship.com


The most delicious snack that can be delivered to your home or to your friends for the perfect end of the summer treat?  Don’t wait until you get to the Ocean Boardwalk or to the fair to snag yourself the delicious flavored taffy.  We all have a favorite over here!  What is yours?  And not only Taffy!  Check out Hall’s Fudge, Peanut Brittle and more! This month, we are giving away some of our favorite peanut brittle and we hope you will share Hall’s Fudge with your family and friends!

peanut brittle

And the beautiful necklace for this year’s Conference is created by and made especially for each of us, as a reminder to Embrace the moments with our children while they are at home with us.  Wear this beauty from Krafty Kash and gift one to a friend.  They are our favorite and we cannot wait to give one away to you!

kraftykash embrace RGT

One of our favorite returning Sponsor’s is Red Letter Words! We have a treat for each and every Conference attendee this year, and cannot wait to meet you! Check out the founder’s story and her amazing products for your home, office, graduate or friends.  Every single one of us own something special from Red Letter Words, and we are giving away something special here for you!


Our friends at Naptime Diaries are amazing creator’s of every thing beautiful and inspiring!  Not only have they created something amazing for each and every Conference attendee, but we have a special print for someone here today.  Naptime Diaries has also created a devotional journal for YOU!  We hope you will click over here and check out their new prints and journals for Mom’s!


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