We all have a wish list of books we hope to get through this year, and our guess would be that half of them are on parenting or motherhood.

The problem?  We never have time to fully commit to reading through an entire chapter, let alone a whole book!

We were not sure if you knew this, but one of the main purposes of the Raising Generations Today Conference, is  to begin a local Meet Up’s for Mom’s in town’s all over the country.

And the exciting news?  We are launching a new Book Study for ALL of you, beginning on Monday and YOU are invited.

Here is the scoop:

The RGT Mom Meet Up’s will begins this month!

We are all using one of our special guest writer’s here, Kate Battistelli’s books – Growing Great Kids.


You have options!  (and I know this will be your favorite part, because we all love options!)

1. You can choose a local Mom Meet Up location from this map and join this group in their home.

2. You can join the On-line/FB Group Meet Up if there is not a Meet-Up near you.

3. OR, you can begin a Meet Up IN your own town and follow along for support and resources on the FB group.

We LOVE these options.  There are very few groups pinned to the map so far, and so we would love to see you start yours this week, and add your name to the map.


If you would like to begin a group, join the few that are on the map, or be a part of the RGT Mom Meet Up’s FB Study, here are your simple steps:


– Email

– Refer to your choice from the options above

– Order your book or contact us, as we have a large amount of books for you to purchase from at a discounted price.


We will be with you at every turn and step of this simple process.  We hope you will be joining us next Monday as we meet together as Mom’s and share our hearts, being filled with hope and encouragement for each new week.

You are all important to us, and we hope that RGT 2015 Embrace will be a special part of your motherhood journey.  Raising Generations Today is exactly that – Bringing the generations of mother’s together to learn and embrace our calling together.

Will you be joining us?