We Need Your Story
Here at Raising Generations Today, we value community.

We strive to lift one another up through encouraging words. And this April, just one month after the Raising Generations Today Conference, you have the opportunity to gather with women in your neighborhood.

The (in)RL Conference is the conference that comes to your front door. It’s a chance to gather in a home, where kindred souls can hear a simulcast of 30 women sharing their personal testimonies and stories.

Here’s the best part: It’s FREE!

Registrater today at www.inrl.us

The (in)RL team is also giving everyone who registers a free backstage pass to all (in)RL content from 2012 & 2013! {access expires April 24, 2014}

Plus, anyone who registers at www.inrl.us on January 15th will be entered to win a FREE Allume Conference ticket!

Community is stronger because of our stories. Gather with friends #inRL in April to share yours!

Learn more about (in)RL here!