RGThope January
This month, as we begin a new year full of promise and new dreams, let’s be intentional to capture those sweet moments in motherhood that make us smile. Let’s embrace those humorous moments in motherhood that make laugh.

Let’s frame the moment in photos and share them on Instagram with the hashtag #RGThope. Moments such as:

  • Siblings enjoying a board game.
  • Tiny hands rolling out cookie dough.
  • Sweet sock feet poking out beneath a favorite quilt.
  • Mitten-clad hands building a snowman.
  • Pink noses pressed against a window pane marveling at God’s creation.
  • A group project strewn across the family table.
  • An older child helping out a younger sibling.

Let’s celebrate the fun moments that catch us by surprise and fill us with joy.

Share these captured moments with us on Instagram or Facebook with the #RGThope hashtag. We’re collecting these beautiful moments and will do something very special with them at the conference.

You, Mama, are a gift to us, and we can’t wait to see the gifts you cherish.

#RGThope Project