All week we are celebrating motherhood here with you and for you!  Today, you will find the message of HOPE resonating in the words of our speakers, team members and others who are linking their very special post with us here today.  We encourage you to visit their sites, and read the words penned for each of us as moms, full of hope.

As the months inch closer to the Raising Generations Today conference, we are excited to be able to give away ONE free conference pass for a very special mom to attend for free!  Could that be you?  Some of our speakers and team members will be sharing on their own sites today, and we encourage you to visit them and say hello.  Below you will find the links to their posts for our special gift to you today.

And it case you missed the news, we are having one last sale on conference tickets!  Tomorrow, beginning at 12:01 a.m. you can snag your Mother’s Day Ticket on sale.  There are only 25 available at this special price for you, and we hope you can grab one for you and one for your friends.

There is an empty place in the hearts of many women today.  Some who have lost their mothers from this earth so soon.  Others who have empty arms and children with Jesus, and those who don’t feel loved by their mothers, abandoned, or feel the strain of broken relationships.

Motherhood is a journey of sacrifice and praise.  Hope in the comfort and strength of the Lord is the Anchor that gives us the courage to press on in the messy moments, the hard minutes and find relief when He brings the joy.

We will be celebrating that message of HOPE here all week. Celebrating YOU!   We invite you to visit the links below of some of our special speakers and enjoy the special words they have written for you today.

As a special kick-off to the Mother’s Day, we will have some very special guests here ALL week, sharing some amazing stories of inspiration and encouragement.  Be sure to stop back to see who we have visiting us this week!

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Here are some posts to encourage you on your motherhood journey this week– feel free to add your own!”