It’s a tough but necessary task as moms to train our kids to go against cultural norms in favor of following God’s truth. The world has the definitions of love and following hearts terribly confused, and this is a message I find myself striving to convey often, not only my kids, but myself. So this letter is for my kids, my students, myself, and you, too, my friend. Our hearts were created for the greatest kind of Love. May none of us cheat it of what it was created to do.

Dear One,

One of my deepest desires for you is to thrive throughout your life. However, chasing after the pursuits inspired by our hearts oftentimes leave us exhausted. So that’s why I can say this with such certainty:

No matter where you go or what you do, don’t merely follow your heart.

I realize how bizarre this may sound, especially since it’s common to hear that following our hearts is the only way to true happiness. However, the world gets confused about truth, so choose to ignore the natural urge to follow your heart and relentlessly pursue love instead.

By strictly following your heart, you will miss the potential for which your heart was created. You see, when left to its own devices;

“The heart is deceitful above all things,
and desperately sick;
who can understand it?”

~Jeremiah 17:9

Your heart, without the Love of God, will want things it shouldn’t have. Things that will tempt you to make decisions you’ll regret, drag you into bondage, and hold you back from what God created you to do.

Our hearts and our feelings lie to us. Our hearts present us daily with a feeling that is false – whether it be that we are unworthy of Love, unable to live in victory, or that we’re immune to the consequences of following our selfish desires.

So, precious child of God, no matter how right it feels, DON’T merely follow your heart.

Rather, guard it.


“Guard your heart above all else,
for it is the source of life.”

~Proverbs 4:23

It might be tempting to think that guarding means suppressing, but that’s not it at all. As Proverbs says, your heart is your life source. It is the core of who you are, and all that you do and say starts there, pulsing the ability to do great things throughout your being.

Do you want to truly thrive in a life filled with love? Then let Love have control of your heart. Then, when phony desires try to embed themselves into your mind, you can know that they’re as harmful as a virus that will spread destruction into your life and all that you try to accomplish. When emotions try to deceive you into following a whim that seems irresistible, you can stand firm and say with confidence that you deserve better, because you ARE worth more than the temporary fling with sin, whatever form it’s taking on.

I’m writing this, not just to your heart, but to mine as well. Because my heart is as easily deceived as yours, and I’ve learned to not trust it.

But following Love? Actual, genuine, God-breathed Love has yet to fail me.

It’s kept me going when my heart said to give up.

It’s dusted me off when I’ve fallen into the trap of heart-following and landed in some deep pits of despair.

It’s exuded kindness I’m unable to show on my own.

It’s given me discernment when I’m foolish.

It’s given me hope in the darkest of seasons.

It’s helped me see myself for who I am and others for who they are, and every last one of us are equally a mess without God while equally loved by Him in spite of ourselves.

No matter what type of evil desire the hearts of your enemies might pursue against you, Love will defeat it all and give you worth at the same time.

So don’t settle for only following your heart. Let God’s love fill it instead. Let His love renovate the dark and confused parts, and the light of Jesus will shine truth and hope for you and through you, and then you will thrive.


A Heart Renewed By Love