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Planning a conference is not for fame or fortune.  It is not about a platform or setting a precedent in your area.  At least not for myself or the Raising Generations Today team.

The RGT Conference for Moms came with great cost to a small group of women and their families.  But, the cost is worth the return of investment — seeing generations changed, all across the world, in small towns, in Compassion letters, and from the cradle to the cross — as we lead our children and their children to Christ.

As we launch the planning of another conference season, I am writing with my heart wide open on this mission and a very special favor for all of us.  From the new mom to the grandmothers…

May I share a few special thoughts that have been working their way to the surface with bravery and courage?

Raising Generations Today is a conference for moms in all seasons of motherhood.  The first conference in March of 2014 was an amazing display of God’s presence and the difference His Hope has in our motherhood journeys.  The testimonies have been streaming in to this day, and the blessings were so many to count, that my own heart overflowed with gratitude to my Savior for bringing this conference to the Northeast.

You were all awesome.  Your stories, your tears, your worship and the spirit of unity amongst the 300 women in attendance brought glory to the Lord!  Surreal in so many ways.

annie RGT

And to share all of this abundance, to say — God is so good!  His mercy is new every morning.

For all of our lives have changed in so many ways, just since March.

Some of us have had babies, some have experienced loss.  We have read more books and shared with one another in a community of mothers . . . the way in which we always should.

Motherhood changes us.  And so, I share that the face of Raising Generations Today will also change. So, what does this mean for us?

We will have a new online appearance.  We will change up our team,  we will choose a new date, and we will move into our new theme:


We will also be changing our location, ( we were filled to capacity at 300) and lastly — we will change our process.

A conference for moms — hosted by moms — is just that.

After six months of earnest prayer and seeking God about HIS plan for RGT, I know that if I (we) cannot run a conference for moms without draining ourselves and not returning our investment back into our families, then it is not God’s will.

And so, here is our last big change.

YOU can get involved.

YOU can help, attend, and be a big part of how and what RGT becomes and stands for in the lives of mothers ALL over the world.

Stay tuned for the many opportunities that may be right where God has been leading you. I would love to hear from you. Let’s see what GOD has planned for 2015?

I have chosen to EMBRACE this new season and the changes and am so very excited to see you do the same!

How might God be leading you in this area?