The struggle to thrive in a world that says, “Stay busy!” is real. It seems that hitting “pause” is not even an option.

My to-do list never ends. The laundry basket overflows with dirty clothes. My children are hungry again… even though they just ate. I have projects that need to be completed and demands that have to be met. I ask myself,

How am I to thrive when I feel like I have been thrown into a wringer-washer that will not stop? 

Recently, I was in the middle of listening to a podcast while hanging up clean clothes on the clothes line. My youngest son peaked around the corner and said, “Mom, could we read science and The Sketchnote Handbook together?” I looked at him, hiding under his Star Wars blanket, and replied, “Yes. Let me pause the podcast, and I’ll leave the clothes to hang up afterwards, because I am learning to put things on pause in order to focus on you and other things that truly matter to me.”

At that moment, I quickly realized that even though the world says, “Stay busy!”, I can choose to hit “pause” and thrive.

Daniel’s life is an example of this. He intentionally took the time out of his day to hit “pause” and thrive in his walk with God. He did not just do it once. Not twice. But three times a day. Daniel 6:10 says,

… Three times a day he got down on his knees and prayed, giving thanks to his God, just as he had done before.

Daniel knew that in order to thrive he would have to pause what this world wanted him to do and focus on what truly mattered. Psalm 46:10 says,

Be still, and know that I am God…

I am learning to hit “pause”. To be still. To know Him. In order that I might THRIVE.

Will you join me? Let’s be intentional about hitting “pause” to focus on what truly matters!