Living While Waiting
I sit back unable to even think because of the news. One of my good friend’s sons had just been diagnosed with lupus. He was thirteen. His kidneys were failing, and it looked like this child would
soon die.

The family almost expected this day to come. Only four years earlier the father of this family had died suddenly because of a heart aneurism. Because of this, all the medical records were looked at carefully and the health history discussed in great detail. Well, this father had been diagnosed with lupus at the age of fourteen, so this mother, after her husband had gone to be with the Lord knew what might be coming and just waited.

A mother waiting.

Just like another young mom long ago . . . giving birth in the stable and experiencing the joy of holding her firstborn . . .she also knew that her child would suffer at the hands of men and die for generations to come.

So how does a mom fill the days knowing that each day is just a day closer to a day without her child? Without the one who was created to fill a space in your heart, your life, your soul?

We do what Mary did.
And we do what my friend is doing.

We wait.

But the waiting is not a hopeless waiting.

For none of us know the number of days we have on this earth. But we know that we can live our lives to the fullest by living with a joy that comes from the Lord.

This waiting can be filled with memories of love and life. Filled with words of encouragement and hope. Filled with sweet grace and laughter.

A sign in our house reminds me of this truth:

For this life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the number of breaths that take our breath away.

And because of Jesus, we have an eternal lifetime of moments to look forward to that will take our breath away.

How are you being intentional
to live each day with memories of love and life?


Angie RygAngie Ryg

Angie has been described as the “fun sister next door.” And like a real sister, she will make you laugh as well as encourage you to drink deeper from the well of God’s grace. Her book Clutter Free Simplicity encourages women to clear the clutter in their hearts and homes by focusing on what is really important — their daily walk with Jesus. One of Angie’s most important ministries is being a wife to her childhood sweetheart and mama to one princess and three princes. They enjoy family movie nights, long car trips, and acting out the TV show Chopped.