Love Idol by Jennifer Dukes LeeAs a writer for Raising Generations Today, Jennifer Dukes Lee has been sharing her beautiful words of encouragement to moms for quite some time.

She’s invited us into that special world between a mom and her daughter in The Letters between Us. She’s offered a tribute to our own aging moms in her article titled In Sickness and in Health. And she’s encouraged us when our plans go awry in When a Mother’s Grand Summer Plans Get Arranged.

And now Jennifer has poured her life onto the pages of her new book called Love Idol.

Jennifer talks candidly about the decades she spent trying to earn the approval of others. She reveals how her people-pleasing ways kept her chained to manmade approval ratings. Through it all, she tells the story of how she found freedom.

In Love Idol, Jennifer shares with her readers how they too can find freedom from the shackles of approval-seeking and people-pleasing. <Tweet this!>

Here’s what others are saying about Love Idol:

That endless, exhausting crusade for approval? Ends here. A brilliant writer, Jennifer Dukes Lee takes you to the foot of the Cross—and takes one stunning hammer to the foot of the Love Idol. Read this book—and walk free.

–Ann Voskamp

Love Idol is a book that is going to set a lot of women free. It’s a journey of grace, truth, and beautiful freedom. Jennifer Dukes Lee takes her readers by the hand and leads us to the home our hearts all long for deep inside—a place of true acceptance.

–Holley Gerth

I read Love Idol slowly because I didn’t want it to end. When I turned the final page, I closed the book and hugged it to my heart. I don’t think I’ve ever read a book quite like this one. It is elegantly written, beautifully spoken, bravely crafted, and tenderly shared. Love Idol is a sparkling love letter from the God who rejoices over each one of us—exactly as we are.

–Deidra Riggs

Love Idol is a beautiful story of chain-breaking grace. <Tweet this!>

And the best part? It’s available today.

You can find it at Amazon and Barnes and Noble
and many other places too.


To learn more about Love Idol, visit Jennifer’s site HERE.