Once again the house is trashed, the kids are fighting, and I’m just trying to keep from bursting into tears or screaming. The self-accusations start flying through my head:

Why can’t I ever get this whole mom-thing right?

Why does it feel like I’m always in survival mode?

I’m not the mom these little people deserve.

Moms, do you believe the lies? That you’re a failure; that you’re not enough; that you should just put your head down and give up because your kids would be better off if you just admitted

Satan wants you to believe that because you are a threat to his plans.

Here’s the truth: You ARE NOT enough. You were never meant to be enough. If you were
enough, and this job was something you could master, where would God come into the picture?
We’d be so busy patting ourselves on the back for being super moms that we wouldn’t ever fall
to our knees in desperation.

I know we moms look at each other and have at one time or another thought that someone else had it all together; that they had somehow figured out this mom thing. We’re all guilty of thinking that about another mom. That’s Satan’s lie. None of us have it anymore together than anyone else.

We’ve all heard the phrase “God never gives you more than you can handle”, and then we
immediately feel that we must be pretty weak if we’re not handling things well. There’s an
important part of this phrase that I feel we need to hear:

God never gives you more than you can handle WITH HIM.

With HIM.

It doesn’t end with us (Praise Jesus!) because we are not able, equipped or even remotely prepared
for the journey that is our motherhood marathon. Not in our own strength. But we can do all
things through Jesus who gives us strength (Philippians 4:13) and with Him nothing shall be
impossible (Luke 1:37).

It’s hard to remember that we’re not alone in this. We get so caught up in to-do lists, and the ever
pressing emergency, that we feel like we can’t even keep our heads on straight. That figuring out
just what and how we should handle this child and this situation are impossible. Every mom
feels like this.

Moms, can I encourage you to take a deep breath, step back, and pray? I know that seems like an
impossibility in the moment, but unless someone is literally going to die, remember that it is not
a life or death situation, but it might become one if you don’t step back. Put your apron over your head, close the closet door, sit under the basement steps. Find that place of quiet and make it your sanctuary. Fall to your knees, bow your head, and just breathe.

God doesn’t need your words, He already knows.

He just needs your heart.