Life is often talked about as a marathon or as a race. We are on a course and we keep running through this world with our eyes fixed on a prize. But how we view this race can be quite different as sisters in Christ.

In the world’s eyes, we are running a race to compete. We cut off each runner who gets too close. We do all we can to get ahead, even if it means knocking others down as we push through, full force in speed. We strive for that prize, which only one winner can grab hold of.

But for sisters in Christ it should be oh, so different. We are running a marathon so to speak, a long and strenuous journey, but the difference is, we are all after the same prize. We are united as a team. We are not trying to grab hold of the prize for ourselves, but rather to attain it, together.

We will share in the eternal joy of our everlasting prize-as sisters, for eternity.

In the world, when competition gets fierce, and others want to give up, we take advantage of that situation and we push past them. But to sisters, when others want to give up, we step in to be the one that runs with them. Even carrying them when the race gets too hard.

We fix our eyes on the end of the marathon knowing together we will do more than we can do alone.

We don’t compete, we unite.

The bottom line is, life is not a competition. Because in competition we are only out for ourselves. The prize is for our glory and our pride.

Competitiveness for the sake of puffing up one’s pride is the complete opposite of what Jesus asks of us. There is no humility or meekness in that kind of competition. He asks us to show grace and love, and to consider others above ourselves. We find security in Him and do not need to put others down to feel better about ourselves.

So today…stop competing. Stop looking to feed your insecurity by measuring up against others. Start seeking Jesus and you will find security that is lasting and produces humility. Not pride.

Women of the world participate in drama and seek to tear down. Women of the Word build up. Women of the world gossip. Women of the Word choose grace. Women of the world race against each other. Women of the Word run with each other.

Stop racing AGAINST other women and start running WITH them– arms linked– so when one feels like falling, the other is there to lift them. Let’s run together, eyes fixed on Jesus!

We need each other. We are FOR each other and not against each other. Because when we are for each other, we are for Jesus. Let’s encourage, be real, and lift one another. Because when a watching world sees us doing that, we ultimately lift Jesus- high before a world that only knows selfish ambition.

Let us run for Jesus. A shining example of what He taught. Let us look different to a watching a world that can be so full of darkness. Let us be women who radiate Jesus as we join together in our marathon seeking the ultimate glory of heaven.

All for His sake,

and not our own.