The Raising Generations Today Conference saw 300 women gather to encourage one another in each mom’s journey.

We heard stories from moms with babes and moms with teens and moms with special needs children. We heard about God’s tenderness to moms who have experienced the loss of a child. And we heard about God’s faithfulness to single moms too.

Through it all, we heard there is beauty in the brokenness.


The theme that kept reverberating throughout each story is HOPE.

There is hope for the tired mom and hope for the lonely mom and hope for the worried mom.


Together, we laughed and cried.

We surrounded each other and prayed.

We might have shared a few cupcakes too.

Every mom has those days when we feel “unqualified,” but we share a bond as moms, and we rally together to encourage each other in our mom-walks.


Each day, we continue to hear more stories, and we would love to hear from you.

You are invited to share your mom story, and how the Raising Generations Today conference impacted you.

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