Red Letter Art

Through Red Letter Words, Dee’s art connects people to the unchanging truth of God’s word and reminds them just how much God loves them. The name for Red Letter Words comes from the words spoken by Jesus in the New Testament, which appear in red ink in some editions.

It all began when Dee was decorating her home. She wanted wall art with an “erased chalkboard” look, but it was hard to find. She wanted something modern and casual but with a vintage touch — something that could complement her family photos and help to tell their story.

So she decided to make her own art and started giving it away to friends and family for baby showers and birthdays and Christmas gifts and wedding presents. She was overwhelmed by the response. People were emotionally moved and asked her to create even more.

Soon she had a business on her hands. The designs for Red Letter Words incorporate either verses from Scripture or the names of beloved travel locales. Many pieces are reminiscent of subway panels.

Red Letter Words also offers custom designs based on your favorite scripture, travel destination, street names, family mottos, or any other combination of words that speaks to your heart.

You can check out her gallery of art HERE!