Truth in the TinselDoes the craziness of the holiday seem to sweep you away?

Do you sit there on December 25th and say, “Wait. Did we even talk about Jesus the last 24 days?”

Do Santa, gifts, and parties cloud over the real stuff you want to focus on?

I know exactly how you feel. I want my children to know and love Christmas, not for gifts or trees, but for Jesus! I want them to say, “the best present of all is Jesus!”

I really believe December is one of best times to impress God’s Word on your kids’ hearts. Our whole country turns its attention to Christmas — stores are playing songs of worship to the newborn king, movies are playing on cable that show the real meaning of Christmas, and people even decorate their yard with Bible characters!

I try to leverage this Jesus-centered month by helping my kids meditate on and learn the real story of Jesus’ birth. That’s how this ebook was born. Out of a daily advent-ure with my daughter when she was only one year old.

Every day we read a passage of Scripture, made a simple ornament, and then talked about the story. As we talked and created, God’s Word was sinking deep into her heart. She was meditating and focusing on Scripture — in her own preschool way.

This ebook will lead you and your children through the Christmas Story. You’ll take a few minutes each day in reading the Christmas Story directly from the Bible, making a fun ornament craft, and talking about it together.

Give your kids a few minutes each day for the first 24 days of December. You might find your kids giving themselves to Jesus in return!

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