SurprisedbyMotherhoodRaising Generations Today is excited to announce the newest arrival for Lisa-Jo Baker. A mother of three and a cheerleader for moms everywhere, Lisa-Jo shares her journey to motherhood in the beautiful pages of Surprised by Motherhood.

Lisa-Jo’s words are a soothing balm for a tired mom’s heart.

Moms who need to know they’re not alone need to read Surprised by Motherhood. It’s not the typical three-steps-to-become-a-better-mother kind of book. Lisa-Jo’s story is real and raw as she finds her way through young adulthood after losing her own mom to cancer when she was just a teen.

Surprised by Motherhood is an expression of motherhood that every mom feels but is often afraid to admit. <Tweet this!>

Motherhood is hard. Very hard. Beautiful, yes. But there are still those days when motherhood is deliriously exhausting.

And Lisa-Jo gets it.

In Lisa-Jo’s story, you’ll find glimpses of your own, and you’ll exhale in relief to know you’re not alone. <Tweet this!>

Surprised by Motherhood

Here’s what others are saying about Surprised by Motherhood:

This is a book that is straight-from-the-hip honest, straight-out-hilarious, and straight-from-God holy… that I will turn to again and again.

–Ann Voskamp

Lisa-Jo inspires me to look for God in every moment of my own beautiful but imperfect motherhood journey.

–Lysa TerKeurst

Surprised by Motherhood is filled with grace, comfort, encouragement, sympathy, and laughter for … moms in the trenches of motherhood.

–Sally Clarkson

We were so honored to have Lisa-Jo as a keynote speaker at the Raising Generations Today Conference. And we’re so excited that her mom-story is now available to all.

You can find Surprised by Motherhood
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