I don’t want to be the first one to burst your bubble.  The little caption above your head that reads, ” I am totally doing something wrong here.”


The trail of toilet paper that leads to an overflowing sink of bubbles and the permanent marker on the wall that you refuse to wash one more time.

Every time your child has a logical answer to something you thought you had completely thought out as a consequence and the late night discussions that find you nodding off in exhaustion.

You doubt.  And you waver in your thinking that perhaps…

Just perhaps…you are not getting this motherhood thing down very well, and your children are on a fast forward track to failure.

This is the truth of the matter mom’s. You are doing this motherhood thing right here, right now and with everything you’ve got!

Yes, we all can improve.  And in the next five minutes we will most likely again be tested in another unchartered area of learning and again doubt.

As the words left my mouth this morning, over and over I broke down this verse for my youngest piano prodigy. Her song was challenging and she has never really had to struggle with any thing in her young life.  Academia, music, social, arts… all have come easy to her.

Until this morning.

I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me.

Through Christ.  In every breath and in every mundane moment.  Through Him.

And the tell-tale signs that you are doing the right thing?  (even when it feels like every single thing is falling apart)

  • Your children are smiling.
  • They are joy-filled even when we are feeling the weight of the world.
  • You tell them about Jesus every day.  Even when you don’t think that they are listening, they see Jesus in you.
  • The little bits of gratitude that you see in their actions are your example.
  • They want to be with you, spend time with you and listen to your words.
  • Their hearts are still tender to correction, listening to your instruction and have a learning spirit.





Something never comes from nothing.  Keep doing something. Even if it is new. Do it.

  • There is a kindness is in their eyes towards someone less fortunate.
  • You give and they will begin to give back.
  • Your efforts to soften your tone will reach their heart faster than harsh words.
  • A child left to his own instruction will only reach the potential of his wisdom and experience.  Don’t be afraid to raise the bar.

Dear mother’s, even when your mind wanders to the hard stuff, think on the fruit of your labor. That child was given to you for such a time as this.

For only in the effort of the hard will we ever reap results.


Motherhood is a labor of love.  You are doing the right thing.

Keep pressing into this sacred calling.

I can see your heart, your earnest desire to be the best mom you can be. Even when you are doubting, let Christ be your assurance. Your model.

He is our blessed assurance.  And our children will know Him by His name.