While driving to my friend’s home one day, in the crazy traffic of Asuncion, Paraguay, I thought about my roles as wife, mom, and homemaker. I thought how when I step out of those roles, even for a short time, I often times feel weighed down with guilt. Yet, there is no need for guilt. If my family and home are taken care of, I am free to step out of those roles for a short time to build my own friendships.

After arriving at my destination, my friend and I began talking over a cup of coffee. She mentioned how she feels overwhelmed by the expectations placed on her by others and does not feel at liberty to truly embrace what God has for her and thrive – right here, right now, with her family and home. I listened, and at times, I offered a short story or two of my own experiences.

As she continued, she expressed her heart’s desire to have the liberty to pursue and focus on her priorities; her relationship with God; her husband, and her children first, and then (if possible) do other things too. She expressed that the fear and guilt of her saying “No” or “Not right now” to outside opportunities felt as if she would be “missing out”, and also risking the possibility of putting a strain on relationship. I wholeheartedly agreed, this was a real struggle of mine too, and here is the encouragement that I offered to her:

Know who you are –

your identity.

You and me, we are God’s children. We are secure in our identity. We are fully accepted in the Beloved. We were created to bring Him glory.

Know what God has for you –

your purpose.


Our purpose is to bring Him glory. And as we understand that and examine our lives, we are able to ask Him for wisdom as we set our priorities. Now, your priorities will probably look different than mine, but that does not mean that yours are wrong. You have asked God for wisdom and talked to your husband. Together, you can agree to do what works for you and your family, whether it’s homeschooling, outside ministry opportunities, etc.

When I know who I am in Christ and focus on what He has for me, I can thrive – right here, right now. It gives me the freedom to take opportunities to serve in other areas of ministry that God has placed before me.

Every season and every person will be different. And that is okay. Be proactive in seeing Him first and asking Him for wisdom – for your family, home, and ministry.

Let’s embrace what God has for each of us, and thrive – right here, right now in worship, work, and service.

All for His honor and glory.