Most of us have read the passage of scripture that reminds us that there is a time for everything:

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens…” Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

I don’t know about you, but motherhood is the season of life that challenges me the most to remember and rest in the truth of this verse, trusting that the Lord “has me” through every season, both the joyful ones and those that feel impossible to wade through.

I continue to learn and realize that while my ambitions are good and my dreamer’s heart is a gift, right now is not the time to accomplish all of it.

You see, God has given me the heart of a dreamer.

Did he do the same for you?

I simply cannot help it. I want women to KNOW the truth of how beautifully and purposefully they were made by a God who loves them so deeply that He created every single fiber of their being with greater love than we will ever know or understand on this earth.

Why do I care so much about this? Because as we learn to TRUST in His good creation and live that out authentically, we can also more confidently and purposefully raise our kids. Our life as a mom is so interconnected with the legacy we instill in our next generation.

But there is a time for everything, right? Let’s just remember the seasons of motherhood for a minute.

There are the times of preparing and waiting for our bodies and homes to grow children.

There are the seasons of meeting our baby’s every need.

And times of helping them toddle through their earliest years.

There are times for siblings to be born, and ouchies to be mended and tired bodies to be rocked.

There are times of asking for help while we work or heal or sleep or shop.

There are times of wiping tears, giving hugs, preparing meals, praying fervently and waving goodbye.

And times of grieving the ideal image of motherhood we sometimes incorrectly believed it would be.

And there are also seasons that allow us to take steps, baby steps perhaps, but steps towards the dreams God planted in our hearts.

There are so many seasons, and so many opportunities to feel inadequate, disappointed and alone. And so many temptations to believe we are not properly equipped.

But we are, and whether we believe it or not, we can, and do, Thrive through some seriously tough stuff.

I have met warrior mama’s in the last few months who are battling cancer for themselves or their babies, dealing with mental illness in their kids or the devastation of broken marriages and kids who stray from the core values they were taught.

It grieves a mother’s heart to not be present when she wants to be and to not be able to mend every ache of the ones she loves.

But through it all, we have a God whose divine purpose for our lives would not be so evident if we could handle it all on our own. His glory, my sweet friends, is revealed by the way He carries us through all of the seasons; not just the ones that feel good.

So if you are a mama who is struggling right now or the friend of a mama who is, please remember that this is just one of many seasons. That there is absolutely a purpose to this one. That it will end. And that we can trust our Lord to not let this hard be for naught. He will help us Thrive through all of our seasons.

Believe the truth that He is here and will give you just what you need, oftentimes in the form of other women, to help you

Thrive through every season.