“I am reminded of your sincere faith, which is first lived in your grandmother Lois, and in your mother Eunice and, I am persuaded, now lives in you also.”

2 Timothy 1:5

The name “Catherine” may not mean much to anyone else but to me it makes my heart smile. You know the kind of heart smile that remembers.  I remember how she thought I was special. She always squeezed my hand in prayer and always thanked God for me. I can still see her hands and feel them rubbing my back through a long hot summer church service. Catherine is more than a pretty name. I called this woman my Grandma.

Her daughter is my mom. Susan. Another steadfast, faithful, consistent presence in my life.  Every morning we would find her sitting quietly with her prayer journal open. Each name and situation whispered in faith.  Through every trial or fear.  Every twist and turn.  Every hard and jagged edge of my life her faith in God’s good plan for me never faltered. When I think of sincere faith I think of my mom, and my grandmother.

These women walked ahead of me on the path of womanhood, motherhood and faith.

Everything they did got stuck somewhere in my heart and won’t come out.  And I wouldn’t want it to.

Lois and Eunice had this same kind of impact on young Timothy. In 2 Timothy 1:5, Paul is reminding Timothy of the mighty impact his mother and grandmother had on his ministry. I imagine as soon as Paul mentioned their names Timothy began to remember. Their words. Their encouragement. Their tenacity. Their commitment to Christ. Their teaching and investment into his life. Paul is nearing his death when he writes this letter to Timothy. He is charging Timothy to keep on preaching the gospel, giving God his whole heart and never quit the upward call of Christ on his life. Paul knew Timothy needed to remember who called him upward in his faith as he faced incredible challenges in his ministry.

Our lives as mothers, grandmothers and spiritual mothers are building blocks laid down as a foundation for the next generation to build their faith on. We need to ask ourselves a sincere question: Will we live a sincere and genuine faith that challenges, changes, and cheers on the next generation?

The greatest gift we can give our children is to be Godly women serving a Holy God with our whole hearts.

Our influence as Godly women can prepare, penetrate, and bring passion to the next generation. They are watching us. Waiting to find out if this God we proclaim to be real on our bumper stickers will be the same proclamation we make in our hardest questions or darkest hours. They are watching to find out if we will live on Monday what we just sang on Sunday. The next generation wants to know if we are sincere and not just a shiny shallow veneer that flakes off when life tries to chip away at it.

Sincere faith isn’t perfection; it is a life lived seeking a genuine God connection.

The next generation wants to see real women serve a real God with real faith in real situations.

As we raise the next generation, let’s remember that we are raising world changers and we ourselves are nothing short of women who will change the world. Today and tomorrow. And for many more tomorrows to come.

Let it be said of us that we were extraordinary women raising extraordinary sons and daughters.

Let it be said of us that we raised up warriors and leaders.

Let it be said of us that we had a sincere faith that first lived in us so that others might also live passionately for Christ.

Let us raise the next generation of Christ followers to be bold, beautiful, and brave.

Catherine, Susan, Lois and Eunice all lived in such a way that others chose to follow Christ through their example and constant commitment to seek Christ in every circumstance.

Let’s live out our sincere faith in a way that will catch the heart and attention of the next generation. After all, He is faithful to all generations.

In sincere faith,
Laura Rizkallah

(Mother of world changers Isaac, Jacob, Lydia, Leah, Samuel, and Gideon.)