There are days and seasons when I forget who I am.

We get wrapped up in the needs of our spouses, our children and every other person who enters our world.  We have a To Do list that is longer than we could ever accomplish.

On those days, when we are overwhelmed, we need to step back and remember who we are.

If you’re like me, you are thinking I don’t have time for that!

Is that really true? There will always be a need, a task or hands pulling you in three different directions. That’s life. But somewhere in the midst of the busy we must hold onto ourselves because there will come a time when our kids will become independent, go off to live their own lives and suddenly…it’s just us.

In the chaos of little ones it’s good to keep this in mind.  We think that day is far in the future but suddenly the future becomes the present.

It’s important to cultivate our interests and desires. Today.  Do you like to read, paint or hike?  Keep fitting those things into your busy schedules.  I’m not suggesting neglecting your family but maybe instead of picking up your phone when you have a minute, you can instead pick up a book, a pen or something else that builds you up, gives you satisfaction.  Honestly, those spare minutes on the internet add up!

I believe motherhood is a sacred and important role that God has given us, but it’s not our only purpose. After our children grow up and leave, what then?  We may think we’re done but does God see it that way?  He has a purpose for the next season of our lives as well.

If we put all else first all the time and don’t take care of ourselves, pursue our dreams, then a couple of things happen.

First, we shut our hearts and minds to new and different callings that God may have for us.  He may want to use that dream we had as kids to glorify Himself today or in the future.  We think it’s dead or just a day dream, but if He put it there, He will use it.  We just need to be willing and ready.  We do that by keeping those interests and dreams alive. We keep talking to Him about them and what He desires for our lives.

Secondly, we begin worshiping the wrong things.  In our western culture we put aside our lives, including God, for the sake of our kids.  We drive them to a million activities so they can get ahead.  We push them to do what they love but we exemplify a whole other reality.  We’ve sacrificed our own interests, and faith, on an altar dedicated to our children’s sake.  Really?  Wouldn’t it be better for the sake of their souls if we put God first and then showed them good health, by taking care of ourselves, physically, emotionally and intellectually? Isn’t it better for their souls to know that they aren’t the world?  Loved, accepted and cherished, absolutely.  But the center of the universe?  No.  Don’t we want them to learn that the people around them are important too?  That moms and dads have desires and interests that are needed in the world too?

I think this is a lesson we forget to teach our kids sometimes.  We forget to remind ourselves too.  It’s a challenge in these busy days to take care of ourselves as well as those around us.  It’s important because it makes us better parents and keeps us prepared for all that God has for us.